Seriously Sassy

Hi there!

Glad you've found my Seriously Sassy website. There's all kind of things here. You can find out what I'm up to on the MEET MAGGI page, get SASSY GANG news, and check out photos from all the fab school visits and events I do. To see my diary with news of where I'll be appearing and when click here. 

And CRAZY DAYS is out now. Woop! For the Crazy Days Virtual Launch click here.

On the website there's also SASSY'S MUSIC STUDIO for you to send in your song lyrics. Promise I won't nick them!

And if you're brave enough, visit Cordelia's Coven(!) and Taslima's Tweenage Problem Page. Once you're in the Sassy Gang you can email me problems for Taslima to answer.

There's an interview with Twig so you can find out more about him, and due to popular demand Sassy's little sis, Pip has a page now too - but beware, it's very PINK!

Visit the FUN STUFF to grab some free downloads, like screensavers. 

I've written a mini story, 'When Hannah met Sassy'. And you can get sneak peeks at all three Seriously Sassy books by going to the BOOKS page.

So come on in – have a ball - and remember to sign up to the SASSY GANG before you leave, so you'll get all the goss first!

Peace and Love and Rainbows, 

Maggi xxx

Me with Sophia Bennet, Author of Threads, and Evelyn, librarian at the Royal High School, in Edinburgh. Feb 2011 (Ooooh, with my hair short and straight - that's me on the left.)

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